About Siddartha

Siddartha is a place of hope and encouragement, of engagement and challenge. Via small-scale projects we want to meet everyday needs.

Siddartha represents a strong and positive vision of life, based on a Christian spirit with respect of other approaches and religions. We intend to choose for small and needy people and offer them the best of our possibilities.

We wished these values to be reflected in our logo:


  • The seagull remains the symbol of using one’s capacities and enlarging limits, which were the basis and the start of Siddartha. (Jonathan Livingstone Seagull)
  • The two elements in the middle of the logo are put in perspective. They represent two separate worlds like Ethiopia versus Belgium, or the man-woman relationship, … The point is to find out your own place: the one is not better or bigger than the other. We both start from the same basis: the spirit of Siddartha.
  • Many people are stuck in their daily circle of habits and steeped in prejudices, and call this a safe way of life. Siddartha has promoted for more than 30 years that one should continually enlarge the limits and that the circle can and must be broken open: the seagull shows it, the letters of Siddartha do it, and also one of the elements transcends the border.

The Umbrella Organization Siddartha non-profit-making association (NPMA) counts eight people who are willing the share the care of the different initiatives of Siddartha. They guard over “The Credo of Siddartha”, a text that words the values, the accents and the spirit of our movement. It represents our testament for the future!

The Umbrella also has the finances under its control. Gradually they have more and more responsibility so that Father August Lauwerysen, who took the initiative for the different NPMAs, is able to give the various home projects out of hand and to use his experience for the projects in Ethiopia.

Yearly there are the big Siddartha festivities! These are an exceptional happening with more then 400 volunteers and thousands of visitors. The festivities are always organized during the weekend of the one but last Sunday of August. There is a spacious restaurant, a big flee market, a vivid auction, a tent with ice cream and pancakes and a lot of animated activities. The proceeds of these festivities mainly got to the projects in Flanders.