Addis Hiwot

Started 01/08/2000
Mission: To rescue 70 young women from prostitution

During 2 years we work with 35 young girls or mothers in each year. These women did not see any other way to get food than to offer their body for 0.50€. The location of the happening is usually their own little slum, sometimes even in the presence of their children. Once the client has left, the mother runs to the shop to buy some milk and food for the children. This situation is inhumane! We agree with these prostitutes (we call them ladies) that they fundamentally choose another way of life.

During their part time training attention is paid to education and workshops such as weaving and embroidering. The ladies earn 10€ a month as compensation. Despised by family and entourage, they travel from Good Friday towards Easter in two years time!