Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Started 01/11/02
Mission: A project for 60 sewer kids

Approximately 3000 children between 10 and 15 years are estimated to live as rats in the sewers of the capital. They have got nobody: no parents and only some remote family members. They eat what they can find in the dustbins and that is real rubbish.
We founded a first home for 30 children.

The first year they get severe and intense circus training in the morning. This demands concentration and self-discipline, but it is good for their self-confidence! In the afternoon they follow technical drawing for woodwork and ironwork, and in the evening they attend classes in school. In the weekend they go to their own scout group!

The second year they move on to another house. In the morning one hour of education: personal growth and independence is on the program. Afterwards they follow the training in the wood work shop for 5 months, and another 5 months in the iron work shop! Once they leave the project, they are temporarily being financed for the rent of a room and the cost of their studies. Then most of them go back to their remote family because they are able to live independently.