Het Veerhuis

Since January 1st of the year 2000, the NPMA Het Veerhuis-Siddartha has organized accessible drug assistance in Flemish Brabant. Therefore our NPMA has a RIZIV acknowledgement as Medical Social Reception Centre and an agreement with the City of Leuven to operate as a Mobile Ambulant Team. The NPMA entered into a covenant with the Flemish Community in order to organize the exchange of injections in the province of Flemish Brabant.
In total there are 24 people working in the NPMA, in one of the four centres. (17 full-time equivalents). The multidisciplinary team is formed by doctors, psychologists and social workers.

For whom?
Our ambulant team works for youngsters and adults who have difficulties with using drugs.
So, for everybody who:
• Has general questions about drugs and the use of them
• Wants clear information about the products
• Is concerned about the use of drugs by a family member, a friend, or someone else
• Is willing to speak about his/her use of drugs
• Is looking for support to stop or diminish his/her use of drugs
• Wants to deal with drugs in another way
• Wants to follow a substitute medication programme
• Wants to gather information about the health risks of using drugs
• Want to use sterile injection material

What is possible in the centres?
• Individual conversations about the use of drugs and other problems
• Conversations with partners, parents, etc.
• Doctors consultations
• A program with substitute medication for opiate users
• Sports and spare time activities
• Cooking together
• Coffee and a sandwich or soup at an informal party
• Doing the laundry
• Taking a shower

The supervision is free and discrete.

Some numbers...
In 2008, 727 clients were supervised in and from de centres. Almost 17.000 personal client contacts were realized without taking into account the phone calls. That implies on average 23 personal contacts per client in one year. So, most supervision is very intensive. We met people from 50 out of the 65 villages of Flemish Brabant, but also people from East Flanders, Limburg and Antwerp asked for help.

The users that are under supervision are mainly male. Only 22% is female. The greater group has problems with heroine (47, 5%), and 27% or 196 people come to the centre because of their addiction to cannabis. This drug is not as innocent as is told.

Veerhuis Siddartha Leuven
Maria Theresiastraat 109, 3000 Leuven
T 016/23 65 67 F 016/23 92 62

t Wit Huis Siddartha Diest
Delph. Alenuslaan 6 3290 Diest
T 013/32 69 33 F 013/55 64 80

M.S.O.C. Vilvoorde
Leuvensestraat 7 (1st floor), 1800 Vilvoorde
T 02/251 94 49

M.S.O.C. Tienen
Grote Bergstraat 2, 3300 Tienen
T 016/81.04.82

M.A.T. Scherpenheuvel
Basilieklaan 75, 3270 Scherpenheuvel-Zichem
T 013/ 77.83.59