Projects Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country in the Horn of Africa with approximately 93 million inhabitants and a life expectancy of only 50 years. The infant mortality figure is high, so is the number of HIV infections. There are 6.8 million people in Addis Abeba of which 70% live in slums.

We visited Ethiopia for the first time in August 1999, at the request of five young Ethiopians, and started in January 2000 with our first project for single mothers. Then came our initiatives for young women in prostitution, poverty, homelessness, sewage children and AIDS orphans.

For our projects in Addis we currently have 61 staff members, all Ethiopians, of which more than 40% of the staff formerly self participated in one of the projects.

Our projects:
Addis Hiwot - to get young women out of prostitution
Andinet - housing and education for sewer children
Ediget Fana - education for single mothers
Glorieux - housing and education for homeless men and mothers
Little Heaven - full care for HIV infected children
Siddartha Youth - youth movement
Social Infrastructure - construction of sanitary blocks in slums

Siddartha has a mission: making development credible.
We can proof that your donations are spent well and that no money is sticking to our fingers!

The vision of Siddartha on development:
• The Ethiopians need to do the work themselves. They can. They have the capacity.
• Nothing for nothing. We're not Santa Claus.
• Decisions are made democraticaly.
• Constant supervision and evaluation. We want to know exactly how every single coin is spent.

The vision of Siddartha to the sponsors:
• We constantly evaluate to make optimal use of your donations.
• Transparancy. We have nothing to hide.

Father August, who started the projects in Belgium and Ethiopia, is visiting Addis every two months. During one week he visits all projects to evaluate the progress, help with creative solutions, and to verify the budgets.