Projects Ethiopia

Siddartha Development Ethiopia is an international NGO, nonprofit making humanitarian organization with its rich experience in Belgium for over 30 years established in Ethiopia in the year 2000. The organization is officially recognized and registered at the Ministry of Justice.

Our spirit:
Siddartha will create places of hope and encouragement for the most needy. Siddartha realize that richness is hidden in poverty, and that we, the rich, are very poor sometimes. We believe through small-scale projects we can give an answer to the needs of our time. “In solidarity we can give a bright future for the small and the underpriveleged people”.

Our vision:

  • The daily responsibility for the projects is in hand of Ethiopians. They can and have to do it! They have the capacities!
  • Nothing for nothing! Our beneficiaries have to do something in return!
  • Open discussion in a democratic way.
  • With the minimum of invest, a maximum of return
  • Strictly and transparent finance rules! We know what happen with our financial invest!

Father Augustine, the motivator of all Siddartha projects in Belgium and in Ethiopia stay every two months one week in Addis Ababa to control, motivate, bring creative solutions for problems.

Every sponsor, as of 75 € yearly, receives the reports of his visits by post or by e-mail.