Social Infrastructure Development

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Project: Social Infrastructure Development
Started: 01/05/01
Sponsored by the Siddartha Wine Guilde and Rotary Hoogstraten-Kempen

A lot of our target groups live in inhumane slums. For some of them we want to improve their housing conditions by repairing roofs, rebuilding walls, etc. We intend to renovate 20 houses a year. With a little money we can do miracles!

There is also a great need of toilets. Endlessly for many neighbors there is only 1 toilet and on top of it in a dilapidated state. We make arrangements with the local authorities and all the families involved. Nothing for nothing! We provide all the materials and coordinate the project, but they have to help by carrying stones, digging the pit, etc. 21 toilet blocks with 4 or 6 toilet seats have already been built. That makes 1 toilet for 4 to 5 families!

Our yearly budget: 12,500€