Wine Guild

Our Wine Guild is one of our most important sponsors of different projects in Ethiopia. They finance among other things the renovation of houses and the construction of toilets in Addis Abeba.

The Wine Guild is a non-profit-making association that is busy with the production of fruit wines and grape wines. All the proceeds of the products and the activities are totally invested in the projects of Siddartha.

The Wine Guild has 10 board members who are responsible for the organization of the various activities and for the production of the wine. They are surrounded by a great group of guild members/volunteers.

The Wine Guild counts more than 200 members, among whom many are active wine producers themselves. The spread of the knowledge of the art of making wine is obviously one of the most important activities within the Guild.

The Guild can be visited every Sunday afternoon or evening.

Every year the Guild organizes the traditional, not to be missed BBQ. The fireplace in the Farm is transformed into a spectacular BBQ. Even the chilliest person can not invent an excuse to stay home!

The enthusiastic board and their members, volunteers and sympathizers keep open the Wine Attic at Siddartha, between 14.00 p.m. and 21.00 p.m. every Sunday afternoon. A good glass of wine, an aromatic cup of coffee and good company is awaiting you!

The wine guild board in 2009

Aertgeerts René, Baal President and founding member
Cumps René, Baal Secretary
De Meulenare Fons, Baal  
Lauwerysen August, Baal  
Peeters Marc, Schriek  
Patteet Jeannine, Baal  
Reinquin André, Baal, Cashier and Members admin
Serneels François, Werchter  
Swillen Jos, Molenbeek-Wersbeek  
Vandenbulcke Willy, Lier  
Vanderhoeven Guido, Tremelo